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Stuff I Saw In July

I heart movies. I saw three movies in July, and they were all excellent!

The Kids Are All Right has great performances and a good script and was overall very good and recommendable, although there were a couple of plot points that I didn't totally buy, or thought maybe the tone was a bit off. I may need to watch it again to get my thoughts clearer. Mostly, I thought it was awesome.

And speaking of awesome, Inception blew my mind up into a million pieces. Unlike some overly ambitious/complicated/layers of reality movies, I thought this was constructed in such a way that I pretty much knew what was going on, which was nice. I didn't particularly care about the central relationship that a lot of things hinge on, but the visual stuff was so awesomely fantastic, it didn't bother me too much. Ellen Page-as-exposition-fairy was just fine by me (an area that some people didn't like) and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt should be in all movies, weightless fighting or no weightless fighting. He's awesome.

Toy Story 3 made me laugh and cry, as predicted. I'm not a giant animation fan, but Pixar makes good movies, it's true. Well done, and lives up to the quality of the first two. I particularly enjoyed Michael Keaton as a Ken doll.

On DVD, we watched a couple of movies that I'd seen and enjoyed, but CJP hadn't ever seen. I introduced him to:

Searching For Debra Winger, a very cool documentary that Rosanna Arquette made about women in Hollywood. She set out to find out why Debra Winger quit the business (this movie came out several years ago, before Winger was in Rachel Getting Married) and along the way interviewed dozens of actresses about acting, motherhood, getting older in Hollywood, etc. Very interesting movie.

In unpacking, I came across a cassette of the Newsies soundtrack, which led to me to force CJP to watch the movie. It was a favourite of mine when I was a teenager, but I warned him that except for the big dance numbers, it was pretty bad in my memory. And woah, is it! Bad, that is. There are definitely some fun song and dance bits, but any time there's no music, the movie stops dead in its tracks. Robert Duvall is TERRIBLE, Ann-Margret is terrifying. But, still--I had the songs in my head for weeks after, and I can see why teenaged me liked it. Cast of dozens of cute teenage boys singing and dancing. My kind of movie!

We have also embarked on a grand and glorious Buffy rewatch. Well, rewatch for me, first time for CJP! In July we watched Seasons 1 and 2. Man, I love that show. It's exciting to watch it with someone who hasn't seen it. Whenever I know there's an episode or a plot point or even a funny line coming up, I can watch him enjoy it, which is super fun for me!

We went to the theatre, also! A young local company, Fighting Chance Productions, was putting on Hair. It was great! Mostly excellent voices, some cool staging ideas. I love the music in Hair so much-it was great to hear it done well. Yay, theatre!

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