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So, I'm doing this detox/cleanse thing. I kind of expected to be terrible at it and stop after a couple of days, but I'm on Day 8 and totally doing ok!

Basically, for the past while I've been feeling lumpy and out of shape and bigger than ever and my clothes don't fit and I just have been feeling not happy with stuff. SO--eat better and exercise! Good plan. And I have been trying. I've been going to the gym and/or walking a decent amount, which is good. The eating thing is tricky--I feel like my meals are usually pretty good, but there's an insane amount of snacking in my world. Sweet, salty, anything.

On a recent life coaching appointment (I will blog about that eventually...) we talking about my tendency towards indecisiveness, in just about every area of my life. I've long struggled with making decisions--big and small--and sticking to them. Since diet and exercise is something that's been on my mind, we decided I should challenge myself to make a change in that area, and really DECIDE to do it. And stick to it. Make a decision, take action, and then the alternative is not an option anymore.

Rather than just make the decision to "eat better", I wanted something more concrete at first. I do pretty well with rules. After doing some googling, and remembering what was popular when I working at the bookstore, I decided on the Dr. Joshi 21-day detox. I liked the sounds of it, because while it is pretty restrictive of certain things, it's not by any means a fast or anything, and it doesn't require supplements or weird non-food things.

So-for 21 days, I'm not eating:
-caffeine (although green tea is allowed)
-sugar (honey is allowed)
-dairy (except goat cheese is allowed in moderation)
-red meat (not a problem, since I already don't!)

Most of that makes sense to me--those are all probably good things to reduce, if not actually avoid. I've never noticed a problem with wheat myself, but so many people do, it can't hurt to try cutting it out. I know that dairy makes me feel like crap-I just eat it anyway, because--CHEESE.

Now-the actual book recommends avoiding a few other things that I'm not really bothering with, namely-most fruit, and some vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, cucumbers.) It's an acid vs alkaline thing--he recommends going as alkaline as possible during the detox, since most of us eat too much acid. Or something like that--I think fruits and veggies are good, so I'm gonna eat them. On the acid/alkaline note, he says no vinegar, which is hard! He allows a bit of lemon juice to use on a salad, but I'm definitely missing dressing!

So far it's going pretty well--I thought sugar would be the hardest thing to give up, but I'm not going insane with cravings or anything. I can make do in the evenings with a rice cake with a bit of honey and some sliced banana on it.

Wheat is hard--it's kind of in everything! I found a wheat-free cereal that's not bad. So that with soy milk in the mornings. I'm trying to snack on veggies or rice crackers for snacks. And lots of salads or stirfries over brown rice for my main meals. Fish is allowed, and since I recently started eating fish again, I'm taking advantage of that. (Now, the actual book says fish, but not shellfish, and no tuna--but I forget why, and I don't care much--whatever.)

I had a low-grade headache for about three days, but it wasn't too bad. And I didn't take Advil like I usually would, since I thought that wouldn't be in the spirit of the cleanse. Now I feel fine!

I've only been out for dinner once, which was a bit of a disaster, but ah well. I could have/probably should have ordered a nice fish dinner they had, but it was expensive, so I just ordered a vegetable soup and large garden salad. The soup was fine--it had pasta in it, but I didn't eat it. But the salad--oy! I asked for no croutons, and no dressing-just some lemon wedges. I got a plate the size of Chicago, piled with iceberg lettuce. THat's about it. A couple of grape tomatoes, some black olives and some sad slivers of onion. But mostly MOUNDS of iceberg lettuce. BORING. And not exactly filling. I was very jealous of my friends' meals. S. gave me a few shrimp from her pasta, which helped the salad out a bit.

So--over a third of the way through. I've lost a couple of pounds, I feel good, all is well. I think I'll make it! Hopefully, when I start adding things back in, I won't go crazy and gorge endlessly on some sort of bread-sugar-cheese-vodka concoction.


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