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Birthdate:Jan 11

musician/singer/actor/non-dancer (occasional tapper). broadway/show tune nerd. love pop culture of all kinds, shapes and sizes--with a few, random exceptions: don't even try to make me go see a movie with hobbits in it. aspiring songwriter with a whopping 2 1/2 songs to show for it so far. have many, many secret pretend boyfriends. candy-oholic, canadian, feminist. love to knit, but hate making gauge swatches, so nothing ever fits. big, big fan of silliness.

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accents, amazing race, armistead maupin, arrogant worms, atheist nunnery, audra mcdonald, avenue q, barenaked ladies, bernadette peters, blackadder, board games, books, broadway, broccoli, brunch, buffy the vampire slayer, callum keith rennie, canada, canadian movies, candy, canlit, catch-22, cbc, chorus boys, christine lavin, christopher moore, clue the movie, connie willis, dar williams, dave eggers, dazed and confused, degrassi junior high, don mckellar, douglas adams, dry apple cider, edamame, elizabeth crane, entertainment weekly, feminism, fringe festival, funny t-shirts, gay men, gilmore girls, good omens, grease 2, jason robert brown, jasper fforde, jincy willett, joe keenan, john cusack, john irving, jon stewart, joss whedon, karaoke, kevin smith, kids in the hall, knee socks, knitting, left wing politics, liz callaway, lloyd dobler, loudon wainwright iii, maggie gyllenhaal, mandy patinkin, margaret atwood, margaret cho, margaritas, martinis, mary cherry, men in eyeliner, michael chabon, michael moore, moot, muppets, musical theatre, musicals, ndp, neil gaiman, once more with feeling, origami,, parker posey, pie, pig tails, pop culture, red dwarf, river phoenix, robertson davies, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, sally mayes, secret pretend boyfriends, silliness, sour patch kids, sports night, stan rogers, stephen fry, stephen sondheim, tattoos, tea, terrible karaoke bars, the last five years, theatre, tj dawe, tofu, tom lehrer, tomato nation, trivia, vegetarianism, victoria, walking, william finn, yoga
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