Sep. 1st, 2010

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In the theatre, I saw:

Solitary Man, which featured Michael Douglas doing what he does very well--the middle aged kinda sleazy jerk. The character is quite unpleasant, but man, he does that well. I thought the movie was pretty good--it's hard to build a story around such an unlikeable guy, but it was certainly compelling and interesting to watch.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was big and colourful and hyperstylized and goofy and ridiculous and quite awesome. I dug it, for sure.

We watched a bunch of DVDs:

Now, I didn't have any particular desire to see 27 Dresses, but in the space of a few days, two different friends told me it was good. Or at least, that it was "better than you'd think." Alas, I thought it was terrible! Oy. Bleargh. Bad script, bad acting, bad bad lame.

I hadn't seen Clue for years, so it was time for a viewing. Cracks me up every time.

I was pretty sure I hadn't seen The Purple Rose of Cairo, and I'm trying to watch some of the Woody Allen older stuff, but about half way through (took me a while, I know) I realized I had seen it. And it's so great. Totally funny, but quite a sad ending. Great film.

After seeing The Kids Are All Right last month, I wanted to introduce CJP to Lisa Cholodenko's last movie, Laurel Canyon, which I'd seen but he hadn't. I quite like it--it's not perfect, but Frances McDormand is so sexy and fierce and layered and awesome. It's definitely worth watching just for her.

For some reason that I can't remember, we decided to watch the Winona Ryder Little Women, which neither of us had seen for years. It's good! I mostly like watching it because it was filmed in Victoria, and a bunch of people I know did background work on it, so there a few scenes in which to play Spot Vestra's Friend!

Crimes and Misdemeanors is another Woody Allen movie I wasn't sure whether I'd seen or not--turns out I hadn't, but I'm so glad I did! Alan Alda is especially fantastic, but it's a strong cast all around. Good stuff!

We've just finished Season 4 of Buffy, so CJP wanted to show me Professor Walsh Lindsay Crouse in something else: House of Games, a great little David Mamet film with Crouse as a psychiatrist getting caught up with con man Joe Mantegna. Crouse's line delivery was weird and stilted, but according to an interview, that was very deliberate, on Mamet's request. I found it distracting, but otherwise I really enjoyed the movie.

After seeing the trailer for the new Tron movie, we thought it would be fun to watch the original, which I saw as a kid, but CJP hadn't ever seen. Super cheesetastic fun!

We also, as mentioned above, made it through some more Buffy, Seasons 3 and 4. Season 3 is so so good. Season 4 has some great moments (Hush! Restless! Superstar!) but some appallingly bad ones, too (Beer Bad! Where The Wild Things Are!) I'm still loving the re-watch, though. Yay, Buffy!

I'm also trying to catch up on Bones, and watched Season 4 over the past while. It's not the world's greatest show by any means, but I do find the character interactions entertaining.

What with all the DVD watching, I only got to one live theatre show:

Glengarry Glen Ross is a play I've always wanted to see live. I love the movie, and jumped at the chance to see a professional production of it at the Arts Club. It was so great. Powerhouse actors just pouncing on the brilliant David Mamet script that is insane to deliver. Loved it.


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