Feb. 22nd, 2010

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I just realized that I didn’t finish my post on what I saw in January. I figure I should quickly do it, before it’s suddenly time to talk about my February movies!

Anyway—I did the movies I saw in the theatre. Now on to DVD:

The only movie I actually watched on DVD in January was Inglourious Basterds, which I had avoided in the theatre because I’m not a giant Tarentino fan. I really liked it, though, much more than I anticipated. Christoph Waltz is well worthy of all the praise and awards he’s up for. Fantastic. I think going in, I only really knew about the Brad Pitt Nazi-hunters plot, which was fun, but I really liked a lof of the other subplots more. Good movie!

Rach and I like to watch TV on DVD on the rare evenings that we’re both at home. We gave True Blood Season 1 a try, but had to admit by about two thirds of the way through that neither of us cared or were very interested in what was happening. So we punted it! Well, actually, we watched the last few episodes on fast forward, because there was one little thing we wanted to see resolved—the rest of it, we really couldn’t be bothered with. Life’s too short!

Bones Season 2, on the other hand, continued to be fun and awesome. I like this show! I’m glad there are more seasons to catch up on—hooray!

I went to real live theatre a few times in January! I wish I could afford to go ALL THE TIME. Seriously—If I could go to a play or musical once a week or something, it would bring me great joy. I’m pretty good at finding discounts, but still—it adds up.

Rent was popping through town with a few original cast members: Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, and Gwen Stewart. I saw Rent in New York in 1997 when the original cast was still in, but Adam and Anthony were both off that night—so I definitely wanted to check them out, even though they’re now too old to believably be in this show! Anyway. It was awesome. We tried for the front row lottery, and got it! Fun! Anthony was amazing. Adam was hot, but kind of can’t sing much anymore. I think he blew out his voice from years of misuse, so now he has this weird nasal, almost adenoidal sounding tone. Quite odd. So glad I went, though—fun!

Just East of Broadway is a Fringe show that was getting a little remount. A friend of mine was in it, which is always fun. I liked it! I enjoy seeing new musicals. I really should try writing one myself—I think I could!

The Light In The Piazza is a gorgeous, lovely show that doesn’t get performed a ton, so I was excited to finally get to see it live after admiring the score for ages and seeing a taped performance of the Broadway cast on PBS a few years ago. This was a great production—lovely set and costumes, and great performances. I’m so glad to live in a city with so much cool theatre! (I saw more fun stuff in February—post to come soon!)


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