Feb. 10th, 2010

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I went to lots of movies in January--got to catch up on the 2009 movies that I didn't get to yet...

Sherlock Holmes is big and loud and quippy and ridiculous and full of HoYay! and I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was a little too obviously set up to start a franchise, but I could watch RDJr and Jude's silly mustache banter back and forth for hours. I wish that Rachel McAdams had had more to do, but other than that--good stuff!

I liked It’s Complicated more than I thought I would--I thought that, even with the groovy cast, it still might suck, but I really liked it. Meryl Streep is delightful, and Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are both hilarious. I also really enjoyed John Krasinksi as Meryl's son-in-law--he had some great lines. I also covet Meryl's character's house/kitchen beyond all covetting--gorgeous! And I want to live in her bakery. Everything was so damned pretty!

And speaking of pretty: Holy crap, A Single Man. Fantastic looking film. Good film, and excellent, hearbreaking performance by Colin Firth, but I mostly just couldn't get over how great the film *looked*. Directed by a fashion designer, indeed. I'm annoyed it didn't get nominated for cinematography or art direction (or whatever the job is that made it look so amazing--I don't really know...)

Invictus is a perfectly good biopic. I didn't love it, but I found it mediumly compelling. I'd say I liked it somewhat more than I thought I would. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon were both very strong. There were more long scenes of rugby playing than I cared for, but there were a few very good scenes and overall--good.

Ooh, my first actual 2010 movie: Youth In Revolt. I'm undecided as to how I felt about this movie. I do love me some Michael Cera, but I'm not sure I dug him in this. His "bad" alter ego was odd, and I didn't find his regular nerd persona that appealing this time, either. Some funny bits, for sure, and some creative directing moments. Not actually bad, but not stunning either, is my ambivalent review.

Crazy Heart was great. I really loved it! The praise and awards heaped on Jeff Bridges are justified--I thought he was brilliant and gave a really fabulous, lived-in performance. Maggie Gyllenhaal was subtle and enjoyable--I was surprised to hear her name called on Oscar nomination morning, but glad. She's lovely. And the main song, "The Weary Kind" is excellent, and sure to win the Oscar.

I had been kind of scared to go see Precious, thinking it would destroy my soul or something. But it didn't! I mean, it was heartbreaking, and some scenes were certainly hard to watch, but there were also more uplifting moments, and I thought it was a very well made, and moving movie. I'm glad I went! Mo'nique is fantastic and will justly walk away with the big gold prize. Wow. Gabby Sidibe is also excellent, and I hope she goes on to do lots more stuff!

And finally, with a sigh, I went to see Avatar. I had enough points for a free ticket. I knew I had to see it eventually, on my quest to see all the nominated movies. And I tried to go in with an open mind, but I just didn't see what all the fuss was about. Yes, the 3D was a lot better than it used to be, but I still found things blurry around the edges and not as seamless as I was expecting. (Plus, side note--wearing 3D glasses over real glasses is annoying and uncomfortable. Grumble.) But sure, it was visually pretty stunning. But omigod, the story! The dialogue! The ridiculous clichéd-ness of it all! Oy. To quote Liz Lemon from a while ago, "I want you to pay close attention to the following over-the-top eye roll: Ohhhhh, brrrrrother!"


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