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Yay, year-end wrap-up!

Movies Seen In Theatres: 40
10 were released in 2009 (or 11 depending on how you count Un Prophete), the rest from 2010

I'm trying to make a top 10, and it's hard! I saw lots of great movies, and a few movies that I really really enjoyed, despite not being the kind of movie that should maybe be on a "best of" list. Plus, there are still a bunch of movies I need to see before I can make any kind of definitive 2010 list. Nonetheless, I usually make my rankings based on what I saw in a calendar year, not counting the ones I see later (flawed methodology, to be sure.)

My top 5 would be maybe some combination of (in alphabetical order, because I am a wimp):

Black Swan
The King's Speech
Never Let Me Go
The Social Network which I'd probably add:

Easy A
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
The Kids Are All Right
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
True Grit

...and then I'd sneak in and 11 and 12, because I also really enjoyed:

Please Give
The Trotsky

...and maybe a 13, while not technically a "best" movie, one that I enjoyed a great deal:

Babies (because, people--Babies! Babieeeeeeeees!)

Dishonourable mention to the only two movies I saw that were really bad:

Sex and the City 2
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

1-Sherlock Holmes
2-It’s Complicated
3-A Single Man
4- Invictus
5- Youth In Revolt
6- Crazy Heart
7- Precious
9- The Last Station
10- The Blind Side
11- The Messenger
12- Alice In Wonderland
13- Shutter Island
14- Green Zone
15- Date Night
16- Please Give
17- Babies
18- The Trotsky
19- Sex and the City 2
20- Un Prophete
21- The Kids Are All Right
22- Inception
23- Toy Story 3
24- Solitary Man
25- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
26- Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
27- Going The Distance
28-Never Let Me Go
29- The Social Network
30- Easy A
31- Waiting for “Superman”
32- You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
33- Inside Job
34- Love and Other Drugs
35-Fair Game
36- Black Swan
37- The King’s Speech
38- True Grit
39- Tron: Legacy
40- Burlesque
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