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The Happiness Project -Gretchen Rubin
I picked this up based on a few recommendations from friends, and I'm so glad I did! Rubin recounts her year of trying various projects to get more happiness into her life. Get More Sleep, Sing in the Morning, Start a Blog (which became wildly popular, and led to this book!), Take Time to be Silly, and many more. I can't say that I immediately went out and made myself a million projects to try, but I definitely enjoyed reading about her year, and I think it's a book I'll return to every so often to give myself a boost.

Bite Me: A Love Story -Christopher Moore
I do love me some Christopher Moore. This was the latest in the vampire-y series, which isn't my very favourite stuff of his, but is reliably silly and funny, as expected. Good times.

The Book of Dahlia -Elisa Albert
I went into this one knowing nothing about it, but somehow having the idea that it was some sort of murder mystery or thriller or something (maybe the name Dahlia made me think of the Black Dahlia? Dunno.) That's not what it's about! It's about a slackery, misanthropic 30-year-old woman who is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. No one in the book is particularly likable, but the writing is great and the story definitely drew me in. Funny and sad.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -Jonathan Safran Foer
I liked Foer's first novel just fine, but this one just slayed me. So much love. Experimental and emotional and funny and terribly sad and just...LOVE. Oskar is a weirdly precocious 9-year-old whose father died in the Sept 11 attacks, and who sets out on a quest across New York City to find the lock that fits a mysterious key. Foer intertwines this with the story of Oskar's grandparents (including some passages so beautifully written that I gasped out loud), and the novel is also studded with photographs and drawings and other bits of experimental layout. Possibly too precious or consciously sentimental for some, I totally bought in to it and it got to me big time. I burst out laughing, and crying, several times. Highly recommended.

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Oh, glad you found some useful stuff in The Happiness Project!


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