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I gotta catch up on this!

June was a giant roadtrip, basically, so I didn't really read much. I get a bit sick reading in a car (plus I figured making conversation is the politer option!)

So, yeah. Only three books read. Let's see if I remember anything about them two months later!

Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage -Elizabeth Gilbert
I read Eat, Pray, Love several years ago when it first came out (before all the hype) and really enjoyed it, so I was intrigued to read this followup. I have also often been fairly skeptical of marriage (and yet find myself contemplating it), so the subject matter interested me. Gilbert has a way with a phrase, and did a lot of interesting research on the history of marriage. I enjoyed the book!

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers -Xiaolu Guo
I picked this up based on the concept: a young Chinese woman comes to London to learn English, and, as it's written from her perspective, the grammar and vocabulary of the book improve as the character's English improves. I thought it was a really interesting idea! The plot of the book was pretty standard, but I loved the experimental style. From choppy, broken English at first to complex fluency by the end. Neat idea.

The 100-Mile Diet -Alisa Smith and James McKinnon
I certainly admired this book, and the yearlong experiment this couple undertook. Eating local is a great idea, but they went hardcore! It hardly seems realistic for most people to go quite as far as they did, but it was a very eye-opening idea. Anything that gets me thinking about where my food comes from is a good idea. I try and get local food, and looooooove farmer's market season, but I confess that I couldn't possibly live without things like avocado, so a fully local diet ain't gonna happen.
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