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So, I went to do my Books Read In July post, then noticed I hadn't done June...or May. Oops! It's so silly--I quite like writing up little things about books, but I seem to never get around to doing it. So now I shall start back with May, and I probably won't remember much about them....sigh.

The Discomfort Zone -Jonathan Franzen
A great little book of autobiographical essays about Franzen's awkward adolesence. "Portrait of the artist as a young geek", as another review said! Good writer--he has a new novel coming out soon, the first since "The Corrections", which I'm excited about!

The Blue Girl -Charles de Lint
I read an urban fantasy YA novel! Why? Who on earth knows, but it was super fun! Not really the kind of thing I often read. (Oh yes, actually I know why I picked it up--I remember [ profile] dangerdean telling me how awesome De Lint is.) A goth girl (who turns blue!), her shy nerd friend, and a sad ghost--oh yeah, and some fairly malevolent fairies. Fun stuff.

Expletive Deleted: A Good Look at Bad Language -Ruth Wajnryb
I like the idea of a book on cursing, and I'm sure there's a good one out there, but this was a tad boring. Some interesting bits, but quite dry overall. Not as fun as I thought it would be!

Slammerkin -Emma Donoghue
My first Donoghue (recommended by [ profile] listersgirl and it won't be my last! I generally shy away from historical fiction, so I wasn't drawn to the book initially, but I'm so glad I read it. It was a totally compelling page-turner about a poor young girl in 18th century London who yearns for higher station but ends up in prostitution then servitutude. Fascinating and a great read.

Welcome to Higby -Mark Dunn
I'm a big fan Dunn's debut novel, "Ella Minnow Pea", which is experimental and superawesome. This is a more straightahead novel, and it didn't thrill me to bits, but it was definitely worth a read. Cast of thousands in a small Southern town. Wouldn't seem out of place as a Robert Altman film.

Ok, that was May. Perhaps I'll get to June tomorrow! Or maybe by October...
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